It often happens  that we find ourselves dreaming of fights that we have in our real lives.They might be very intense dreams.

Are you having communication problems with your family? Do you feel like your friends don’t understand you anymore? Here are some dream interpretations about fighting with family and friends.

Don’t forget that your dream interpretation depends on what you are going through in life and also on your emotions !

Dreaming of arguing : you will be reconciled with someone close to you very soon. It could also mean dodging gossip and fighting your own interests, or that you have bad intentions.

Dreaming of arguing : you are emotionally disappointed, sad, jealous but also physically and mentally exhausted. You lost all self confidence, you no longer trust yourself and your feelings are opposed in your private relationships. You’ll have to listen to the critics and work on your inner conflicts. It is time to improve some traits of your character, but also your behavior towards others.

Dreaming of arguing : you have to learn  how to control your personality. You have trouble controlling your emotions and you tend to fail to achieve your goals. You are searching for serenity. This dream might also mean that you have problems and that you that you are jealous for no reason. Instability and inconsistency dominate you: you will go through a difficult phase of disagreement that does not prevent you from taking serious steps for your future.

Dream of arguing with others: you want to find a solution to your real problems, only by yourself. It is possible that the people who surround you, may judge you unfairly.

Dreaming of arguing at work: your colleagues envy you so much.

Dreaming of arguing with your best friend: you will encounter serious complications.

Dreaming of arguing unnecessarily:  is a warning about a little health concern.

Dreaming of arguing between spouses: means there will be a better atmosphere in the family.

Dream of arguing with a stranger: it’s soon time for you to have romantic encounters

Dreaming of arguments between women: means that problems are approaching.

Dreaming of men fighting: a bad omen for jealousy stories that could go wrong.

Dreaming of a young girl arguing with someone: you are determined not to heed the advice of your loved ones, and you will have to pay the price.

Dreaming of arguing with a married woman: means separation, beware of who you associate with.

Dreaming of arguing with a police officer: you need a person of authority to guide you because you have spiritual conflicts.

Dream of arguing with your partner: you will experience happiness together but do not hesitate to share your feelings. You need to talk about your sentimental relationship.

Dreaming of arguing with someone when you’re a woman:  your life is likely to undergo a process of great change and expansion.

Dreaming of hearing an argument: you will have to face the sadness of your friends.

Dreaming of arguing with a man: prepare for the arrival of large-scale transformations.

Dreaming of arguing with a woman: means there is resentment and consternation in the air.

Dreaming of arguing with a friend:  is the symbol of shake-up.

Dreaming of arguing with your ex: you have no choice but to suffer the mistakes of the past but you want to clarify some of these mistakes.

Dreaming of arguing with your father: your life will suffer serious damage.

Dream of arguing with your mother: you don’t get along with yourself.

Dream of arguing with her sister: you will receive good news.

Dreaming of arguing with a colleague: your projects will not be successful, you will need to know how to resolve a conflict.

Dreaming of arguing with your boss: you have to change the air, transform every aspect of your life.