Having a spiritual outlook on life has been known to help individuals remain emotionally strong during hard times such as dealing with personal illness, the death of someone we love or financial turmoil. When we experience hardships, spirituality can enable us to envision the bigger picture. Due to this ability, spiritual individuals are less likely to dwell on negativity as they are able to view its relevance within the entirety of life. A strong spiritual practice will enable you to take care of your mind, body, heart, and spirit when you need it the most, empowering you to work through any negative emotions you may have.

The term ‘spirituality’ is as broad as the ocean is wide. For many, spirituality refers to organised religion such as Christianity or Hinduism while others have a more abstract interpretation of the term. Regardless of the God you worship or whether you believe in psychic powers and astrology or not, your own personal spiritual journey can help you through the hardest times in your life. Whether you choose to seek intervention from a medium or talk about tender and often-upsetting issues with a spiritual guide, you need to embrace your spirituality fully in order to enjoy its benefits to the fullest.

Meditate to rewire your brain

The benefits of meditation on the mind and body are countless.  One such a benefit, and probably one that will benefit you the most during a difficult time, is its ability to rewire your brain.  The human mind is often a very volatile place and can lose all common sense when met with immense pressure or stress.  The more challenging a situation is, the more you need a clear mind, and meditation can help with this.  In order to get the most out of your meditation, you need to incorporate it into your daily life. Meditating will allow you to let go of all your negative thoughts whether it’s hurt, anger, resentment or disappointment. The more you are able to let go, the more you will find acceptance within your own being.

Exude peace

In the face of hardship and tragedy, it is normal to feel powerless. It is also important to acknowledge that although this is how we may feel, we are not. Peace begins with us, in our own hearts. When we embrace spirituality we choose to share our inner peace with the world and, by doing so, we learn to accept and deal with challenges on a different level. As much as we might be hurting we need to dispel ill will and self-absorption from our beings and replace it with a sincere concern for others. Exuding peace and goodwill will serve us well as we learn to forgive and instead of harnessing resentment, strive to heal through positivity.

Align your body with yoga

Our bodies tend to dictate how we feel. If your body is not aligned properly you are bound to feel a lot worse than what you actually should because of how the ego tries to compensate for physical perceptions in unsuitable emotional ways.  One way to realign your body is through hatha yoga, a practice that will aid you in maintaining fluidity and flexibility in both your body and spirit.  If you have engaged in yoga before you are more than likely familiar with a ‘yoga high’, the intense feeling of euphoria experienced after completion of a yoga class. This feeling is proof that taking care of your mind and body will make you feel stronger, happier and more determined to take on the world.

We are unique and so too are our abilities to deal with challenges, tragedy, and heartbreak. A regular spiritual practice, regardless of what you choose, can offer immense support when life gets hard. Spirituality will guide us through our torments, enabling us to make level-headed and mindful decisions as we journey through stormy weathers.

Written by Jane